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Level-11, Sheikh Hasina Software Technology Park, Jessore, Bangladesh.

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Software Company Bangladesh


A software company in Bangladesh, Semicolon IT Solutions, says it is high time you choose software development services for your business.

Software Development Service is the next item you need to opt-in for and we are saying right now. There is no other time, this is high time! With more and increasing number of clients every day, difficulty in managing all your employees – may they be 2 or 200 – calculating and keeping records of all those numbers: who does this manually in this day and era! Grow up, to grasp IT for your own. Order a custom software development that is just about right for you and to your need, as it should be, just as YOU want it to be, just like your business demands it to be. 

Software Development Company in Bangladesh

Haven’t you used any software before? Pardon! Yes, you have. You have used various types of software on your computers like MS Office for official tasks, Google Chrome, and other browsers to surf the internet and visit Facebook, of course, multimedia software for entertainment like VLC player and other audio-video players and much much more. You can, nowadays, even use such software on your smartphone. They all just ease us your life, won’t they? See? You aren’t even unfamiliar with the main item “software”. The only difference we are telling about is having, order us to develop as well as utilizing the power and usability of information technology that just about suits you and your business or organization to the fullest. Our custom software will loosen your stress much and let you automate your business process.

Wanna know what can these beasts do for you? Curious, huh, aren’t we! Well, there are tons to discuss. But for conversation’s sake, let’s point out only a handful of them below –

  • Our software will increase your productivity. It will make your business processes swifter than ever before.
  • Designed for a specific user group – might be you alone or people working for you. No need to use that everyday software we have been using all our life.
  • Tailored according to your business needs – whatever you ask for. Wait, wait wait! The “asking” needs to be logical and attainable at least!
  • Receiving services from an IT solutions company like us, you no longer need to adapt or change your business processes to the standardized (readymade) software.
  • Developed specifically for addressing the needs of you and your business which is better than (actually best of them all) any other traditional and widespread or readymade off-the-shelf software you can find anywhere and everywhere.
  • And much more, you just name it.

Here's how a rising software development company in Bangladesh works -

Semicolon IT Solutions, a software company in Bangladesh, works with clients, feel their needs, and then collaborate with them professionally with quality with the help of its dedicated team working behind the curtain.

We work with the clients to integrate the flow of their business procedure through various channels; say, face-to-face discussion, phone conversation as well as a site visits.

Face-to-face conversation and discussion of the needs.

Requirements gathering and discussions.

Thorough analysis, design and discussion on our end.

Prototype preparation and presentation.

Correction as per client and real-life demand.

Starting to code – frontend, backend, database design.

The collaboration of all 3 teams mentioned above.

Presenting to the client and asking for a review.

Making changes as deemed fit.

Data entry and testing.

Deployment and delivery.

Hesitation? Well, that's normal. Change is scary and we understand that. But after you take those initial steps forward, you will find us there waiting just to support You.

Facilities included

  • Assisting senior consultants.
  • Share best practices and knowledge.
  • Multiple developers working on each task.
  • Use of modern-day coding languages.
  • Less time-consuming.
  • After-sales support and training.